Why should closed countries be deprived of the tools they need to make disciples within their nation?

Mobile Missions Press (MMP) systems are established in country to provide a mobile print-on-demand system that can produce Bibles and books for a fraction of the cost, and where printing Christian materials is forbidden. We provide items like flash drives and online resources.

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Mobile Missions Press

"The printed page is a vital part of evangelism and discipleship overseas."

Not only do we place the necessary print equipment and train the operators, but we also work continually with each nation to ensure efficiency and quality.

MMP's Impact

Mobile Missions Press Stats to Date

Number of MMPs Already Shipped
Number of People Trained to Use MMP
Number of New MMPs to Ship Each Year
's of thousands
Number of Lives Changed Through the Printed Word Using a MMP

Testimonials From the Field

Words from leaders who have a Mobile Missions Press in there country.